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Achievements since 2004:

  • Collected more than 20,000 youth concerns in South Africa
  • Worked with more than 200 youth organizations in South Africa to implement the national youth hearing in 2007
  • Hosted the National Youth Hearing in Limpopo province with more than 800 young people in 2007
  • A secretariat to Youth for Solidarity Movement, a youth movement consisting of 8 countries
  • Managed to coordinate the national youth hearings in more than 7 countries, bring together more than 5000 youth and different Ministries to discuss some of the pressing issues affecting the youth within Southern African Development Community (SADC) The hearings at the different countries managed to bring youth issues to at least 13 million people from Southern Africa through the media. In Zimbabwe, the national hearing was broadcast live on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which commands more than 7 million viewers. In South Africa, the Daily Sun with more than 1.2 million readers per day wrote and published the article on the hearing
  • Hosted the regional in 2008 a regional youth Hearing was held and was able to attract more than 2000 youth from the region (Southern Africa), the regional youth hearing managed to bring SADC secretariat and chairperson to the hearing
  • The regional youth hearing report is used by SADC to guide the organization on developing a five year program that will ensure youth participation in SADC decision making body
  • Worked with UNISEF, SADC, Save the Children in organizing a regional conference on Children and youth participation and leadership in HIV & AIDS and sexual reproductive health
  • Have been asked by SADC secretariat to be part of the working committee to establish youth desk
  • Developed a gender based campaign which seeks to get young women's participation in the civil issues, the campaign has conducted a research which looked at the reasons behind poor participation of young women in civil issues, more than 9000 young women in Kwa-Zulu Natal have been interviewed as part of the research
  • Currently working with the South African Home Affairs department, Human Right commission, South Africa Police and 5 community radio stations in Limpopo on the campaign on Xenophobia. More than 750 000 people have been reached through the campaign and as a result of the campaign at least 100 young people have been assisted to get official documents
  • Established a campaign on access to higher education for the youth to date more
  • Contributed to the temporal VISA given to the Zimbabwean citizens(90 day visitors permit)
  • Developed a website which is able to attract at least 58 000 users per year
  • Launched the campaign on Violence and Crime in 2005 and at least 8 000 young people are part of the program to date
  • Established the National exchange program and over 45 youth participated in the program
  • Hosted the International Conference on Youth and the Right to participate in December 2004 (12 Countries participated)
  • Hosted the Southern African Youth Conference on Youth and the right to participate 2005.



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